How To Run With A Phone Without An Armband? 6 Simple Ways

How To Run With A Phone Without An Armband? 6 Simple Ways

When you run outside, you should carry a phone in case of an emergency or to look for directions if you get lost.

Running with a phone is a great way to stay connected while running. You can also listen to motivational podcasts, music, or audiobooks.

But many runners hate carrying around a BULKY armband.

Yes, armbands are bulky. Second, you need more space if you need to carry other stuff like a wallet and keys. Third, having a cellphone in your arm might affect your arm movement (and free arm movement is important!)

Whatever the reason, running with a phone without an armband is pretty easy to do.

Don’t Keep a Phone in Your Hand!

Some people dislike taking their phones when running as they are afraid of the phone falling.

Simple solution: don’t carry your phone in your hand!

It is difficult to hold your phone in your hands when running. It is even more difficult when you are carrying a water bottle (remember: you don’t want to limit your arm movement!).

If you aren’t a fan of armbands, then you need to know how to run with your phone without an armband.

There are several ways to SAFELY carry a phone while running without an armband:

1. Koala Clipped To Your Sports Bra

A secure way to take your smartphone on the run is to use a koala clip to attach your phone pouch to the back of your sports bra.

The safest way to position the clip is in the dip at the back of your sports bra. The phone pouch hangs inside the bra.

The clip will be securely fastened to the bra and the phone pouch, so there is no danger of it coming loose.

Ensure that the pouch is sweat resistant so your device doesn’t get all sweaty, and you’re ready to go!

This is a safe and secure way to have your smartphone on you without feeling like it is in the way of your run.

If you don’t wear a sports bra, you can use the koala clip anywhere you feel comfortable, such as inside a pocket or a fleece. 

2. Shorts With A Built-In Pocket

How To Run With A Phone Without An Armband? Shorts With A Built-In Pocket

You can get running shorts that have a sweat-resistant pocket built into them. You can easily hold your cellphone in them without it getting sweaty.

It is good to look for shorts where the pocket is built into the waistband. It is a sturdy place for your device to be held while it remains out of your way.

3. Iron-On Performance Pocket

If you have found the perfect shorts or legging for running, but they don’t have a pocket, this can easily be solved.

There are iron-on performance pockets available. You can simply IRON a pocket onto your favorite running attire that will remain in place while safely holding your device.

There will be no need to continue hunting for the perfect running pants as you will already have a pair with a new and improved pocket!

Make sure you read the instructions before ironing the pockets onto anything, as they may not be compatible with some materials.

4. Running Belt

How To Run With A Phone Without An Armband? Running Belt

Running belts are trendy within the running community as they can hold more than just your phone.

A waist belt (or fanny pack) can hold your wallet, keys, snacks, portable chargers, or anything you want!

The belts sit tightly around your waist. You don’t have to worry about the belt becoming loose or undone, and it remains firmly in place until you take it off. 

Your mobile will be out of the way but safe and secure while you run. The belts are very easy to use, so you won’t struggle to get to your cell if you need it.  

5. In Your Sports Bra Pocket

Some sports bras have pockets built into them, so you can store anything you want to carry.

Long gone are the days when you try to hold your device in your sports bra strap. This is a much safer way to carry your phone on you when running.

Make sure that the pocket is waterproof and large enough for your device, and you will be able to keep it securely on you when running.

If you prefer to have your device on your front rather than on your back, this will be perfect for you.

6. Running Shirt With Built-In Pockets

Having a running shirt with built-in pockets is a great way to keep your cellphone close to you when you are running.

As the pockets are usually found on the shirt’s sleeves, they will be fastened with zips so that your device will remain securely inside.

You can also find a shirt with chest pockets to keep your phone on your front if you would instead it be kept out of the way.

It is also essential to check that the shirt pockets are waterproof to protect your smartphone from moisture. 

The Bottom Line

So how to run with a phone without an armband or without keeping it in your hand? There are many solutions to safely run with a mobile!

When considering running belt vs. armband, the running belt wins. You can carry your phone, wallet, and keys and move your arms freely.

When choosing running shirts with pockets, make sure the pockets are zippered or otherwise secured to prevent your mobile from falling.

And whatever solution you choose, keep your cell out of MOISTURE.

Put your device in a Ziploc bag or any other plastic bag to keep it dry.

Having your cell safely out of the way helps you concentrate on your run. You don’t need to worry about your device as it will be safely secured in either a zippered pocket or a belt. 

Finally, remember how important it is to carry your phone with you when running in case of an emergency.

Taking care of your hydration on longer runs will require more than the solutions discussed in this article. Here you can find some tips for carrying water while running.

There are many ways to carry your phone while running without an armband. You just need to find what is most suitable for you.

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