How To Carry Your Phone While Running (6 Best Ways)

How To Carry Your Phone While Running? (6 Best Ways)

When you run, you should always carry a cell phone. It’s important to stay connected during your runs. You never know when you might get injured or need help.

You might be wondering, where to put your phone when running, as carrying it in your hand is CUMBERSOME. So here are a few ways to carry your phone while you run.

Best Ways To Carry Your Phone While Running

Now that you understand what you need to consider, here are the BEST ways to carry your phone whilst you are out running. 

1. Running Shorts Or Pants With A Phone Pocket

Using running shorts with a phone pocket is arguably one of the most obvious ways to carry your phone whilst running. A ZIPPERED pocket is the safest.


The only con possibly for men is that you sometimes have to pull the top portion of the shorts to grab your phone which can become quite annoying. 

It is advised that women go for a high waist option of compression shorts and leggings and this will provide the best fit and prevent you from having to tug them back up as you run. 

2. Running Belt

One of the best ways to keep your phone SAFE while sprinting is by wearing a running waist belt.

You can carry your smartphone, wallet, and keys in the pockets of the waist belt.

A waist belt is a great option if you don’t have pockets on your running shorts.

And you can PUMP your arms without any restrictions when you wear a running belt.

Although some runners may not like the idea of a fanny pack around their waist or hips when they run, the FlipBelt does get some amazing reviews.

FlipBelt Zipper Running Belt

It is comfortable, doesn’t budge an inch, and has been designed perfectly to work for several different body types. 

Make sure to note that the FlipBelt is a sized product, so ensure you have read the size specifications carefully. The product also comes in a variety of colors. 

If you also like to run when it is dark, then you can fit the FlipBelt Running Light to the belt so that you remain visible at nighttime.

3. Armband

The majority of runners will be familiar with the armband to carry a phone.

One of the pros of having an armband is that you don’t actually have to REMOVE your phone to use the screen.

There is usually a clear cover on armbands so that you can see your phone’s screen. It is also possible to use your touchscreen through the cover, but how well it actually works varies.

If you don’t have pockets in your running shorts, and you need quick access to your phone, then this is the most useful option for you. 

Some armbands, such as the one from VUP, are even 360-degree rotatable which means that you can more easily view the screen as needed. 

VUP Running Armband

4. Pocket Sports Bra

Despite not being that widely available, the pocket sports bras are regarded as the next best option after using side pockets as long as you aren’t wearing any sort of water carrier on your back. 

QUEENIEKE Women's Sport Bra

Pocket sports bras can offer perfect SUPPORT and they make it simple for you to grab your phone and take a peek at it whilst you are running. 

Good examples of these products are the Brooks Drive 3 which has additional small side pockets that can easily fit a key, id, or cash and comes in specific sizes.

Another option is the Koala Clip which attaches to the inside of your sports bra on the back.

It works in the same way as these sports bras with the built-in pocket, so for the picky consumers out there, this is the way to go. 

5. Running Vest/Backpack

For those shorter runs where you wouldn’t bring water, a water carrier is probably going to be too cumbersome just for the purpose of bringing your phone.

Although some can be quite comfortable, options 1 to 4 would probably make more sense for your runs.

However, if you are going on a run that is longer than 1 hour, then these water carriers will be more essential for you.

Nathan TrailMix Running Vest/Hydration Pack

As you all should know, HYDRATION is very important whilst running as you need to replenish the fluids you lose when you sweat.

Therefore if you deem carrying water as essential to your run, then you might as well have a water carrier that can hold your phone as well. 

Common manufacturers of these hydration vests include Nathan and CamelBak, who produce some of the best on the market.

CamelBak Circuit Run Vest

These are very comfortable and have plenty of storage.

You can also put your phone in one of the front pockets and there is also a zipper pocket in the back to carry other items like keys, wallet, and energy bars.

6. Handheld Water Bottle

One option within this category is to obtain a water bottle that you can hold in your hand that also has a POCKET for your phone.

Nathan Handheld Water Bottle and Phone Case

Even though it is in your hand, these carriers tighten to your hand so you don’t have to be gripping tight onto something throughout your run. 

Picking a Gear To Carry Your Phone: What To Consider?

When you delve into choosing a product to assist you, there are some important factors you must consider beforehand.

1. Comfort

Ensuring that your phone can be carried comfortably is a number one priority.

We have all been on a run whilst wearing something uncomfortable or doesn’t fit quite right.

Instead of being able to stay focused on your run, you are constantly fidgeting with the thing that’s bothering you in hopes of trying to make it work. 

It is also recommended that you purchase a product that you can easily return if it doesn’t end up being compatible with running.

There is no sense in using a holder that bothers you every time you run, so you may as well return it. 

2. Accessibility

Some phone holders will allow easier access to the screen than others. In most cases, you will have to pull your phone from your pocket in order to utilize it.

Armbands are a solution to this issue, but these sometimes can bring their own challenges. 

If you own a Bluetooth-enabled watch that works when it’s connected to your nearby phone, then this part may not really matter to you.

However, if you know that you’re going to have to take your phone out to skip songs or read a message mid-run, ensure you can easily grab your phone without having to stop. 

3. Phone Holder Size

Whatever your needs when it comes to picking your phone holder, it’s going to have to fit in a pocket or pouch of sorts.

Obviously, the majority of new products will try to cater to the newest models of popular phones with big screens, but ENSURE you are taking time to read the dimensions on the product description. 

Final Thoughts

Now the list is complete, you have no excuse not to carry your phone on a run.

There are a variety of comfortable ways to carry your phone. You can easily listen to music while running and focus on your goals when you carry your phone safely (and don’t carry your phone in your hand).

And if you need to carry water for a longer run, a running waist belt, hydration vest, or backpack are great options.

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