How To Lace Running Shoes

How to Lace Running Shoes (to Make Your Running Shoes More Comfortable)

Understanding how to lace running shoes correctly can make a huge difference in how your running shoes fit. A lot of runners have valid concerns about their running shoes. The way your shoes fit, feel, support, and cushion your feet can affect your comfort level and your injury risk during your run. The fit and…

Is Trail Running A Sport?

What Is Trail Running? Run Wild: The Exciting Sport of Trail Running

Trail running is an endurance sport that combines the characteristics of road running and hiking. Because of this, it’s a difficult outdoor activity that takes training and planning to be done in the funniest but safest way possible.  If you want to try trail running, there’s a lot that you need to know before you…

How To Pace Yourself When Running

How to Pace Yourself When Running (4 Simple Tips for a Successful Run)

You set out on a run, hoping to improve your fitness. Within a few minutes, you’re breathing heavily. Soon, you’ll experience a burning sensation in your chest and throat, your legs will feel weak, and your shoulders will be tight.  The remainder of the run is a battle that you want to finish as soon…

How Long Is An Ultra Marathon?

How Long Is An Ultra Marathon? The Ultramarathon Distance Explained

While running has always been a popular form of exercise, “ultrarunning” is the new fad sweeping the nation.  Ultrarunning is the activity of racing in ultramarathons, the ultimate challenge for any professional or highly skilled runner.  But what exactly does it mean to run an ultramarathon? Keep reading to find out all about this extreme…

5 Essential Winter Running Gear To Keep You Going In Cold Weather

5 Essential Winter Running Gear To Keep You Going In Cold Weather

Running in the wintertime can be a real roller coaster of emotions. From November to March, there’s a chance that you will have to face a variety of challenging weather conditions, including rain, gale-force winds, extremely low temperatures, snow or ice (and perhaps a combination of all five!).  Because of the extremes you could be…