How Many Calories Does A 5K Run Burn?

How Many Calories Does A 5K Run Burn? On Average 300-400 Calories!

Running is one of the most popular physical activities for burning calories and losing weight. For beginners, however, it can take a while for running to start showing its benefits. You can run however long you like and not see the results you want. It certainly helps if you’re AWARE of how many calories you’re…

America's Most Extreme Marathons

The Hardest Marathons in the US! Are You Tough Enough for These Extreme Races?

Marathons have been around for hundreds of years, although the length has varied over time we now have a standardized length of 26.2 miles, which we can all admit is tough. However, some don’t feel this challenge is ENOUGH. That’s why there are even more brutal and more challenging tests of human capacity. What makes…

Running 8 Miles A Day: The Pros, Cons, Benefits, And Risks

Running 8 Miles A Day: Is It Too Hard On The Body?

There’s no better feeling than putting on your headphones, selecting your favorite playlist or podcast, and heading out for a nice, stress-relieving run.  Running regularly has some tremendous benefits for the body, such as reducing stress, and reducing the risk of developing heart disease and even cancer!  However, running 8 miles a day is QUITE…