Best Running Underwear For Men That Prevents Chafing (2)

Best Running Underwear to Prevent Chafing for Men (Why Undies Matter)

Running can be fun – unless you wear the WRONG kind of clothing, which can cause chafing. Chaffing usually occurs where your underwear sits. Therefore, you want comfortable underwear that won’t cause problems when you run. With that in mind, we will look at the best running underwear to prevent chafing and how to pick…


Why Do Running Shorts Have Built in Underwear? (Benefits of Liners)

A key feature of a good pair of running shorts is the ability to keep you cool. Staying cool is crucial for a successful run; thus, you will want a pair of running shorts accommodating to this fact. The reason for running shorts having built-in underwear is actually quite simple! Underwear is built into most…

Why Are Running Shorts So Short - A Guide To Short Lengths

Why Are Running Shorts So Short? Do Short Shorts Look Funny on You?

As the name indicates, running shorts are specialized short shorts used mainly by runners. Running shorts are so short to allow free leg movement and better ventilation. Length can vary from short (3 inches or less) to medium (4-6 inches) and to long (7 inches and more). Each length has its own advantages and disadvantages….