Best Running Underwear to Prevent Chafing for Men (Why Undies Matter)

Best Running Underwear For Men That Prevents Chafing (2)

Running can be fun – unless you wear the WRONG kind of clothing, which can cause chafing.

Chaffing usually occurs where your underwear sits.

Therefore, you want comfortable underwear that won’t cause problems when you run.

With that in mind, we will look at the best running underwear to prevent chafing and how to pick out chaff-preventing underwear for your next run. 

What Kind of Underwear Are Best to Prevent Chafing During a Run?

Most people have a set type of underwear they wear every day.

Generally, we don’t mess around with multiple different kinds of underwear. We find one and stick to it because they are comfortable for us in our day to day.

However, it is advisable to change your underwear style when running. Regular underwear doesn’t have the same support or comfort during those times.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at what you should look for when buying men’s underwear for running:

Men’s Running Underwear

Best Running Underwear For Men That Prevents Chafing

Boxer Brief Or Briefs

Briefs are very good for running, due to them clinging firmly to the body and providing less material to cause chafing.

They are low waist and pretty snug, so the material doesn’t rub as often. However, for running, boxer briefs are definitely the best for men.

They are a combination of boxers and briefs, making them like tight little shorts.

These are tight enough not to rub and to hold everything together down there, while also not being loose enough to let everything brief.

Some men prefer boxers in general, but they are not good for running, so boxer briefs are the perfect solution.

Other Things Men Need To Consider With Their Underwear

Moisture Wicking

Chaffing is basically what happens when constant friction is applied between the skin and another object.

The one thing that contributes to chaffing more than any other is moisture and since running causes sweating, then this is a huge concern.

As such, you never want your underwear to hold onto moisture, instead, you want moisture to simply wick away from the problem areas.

As such, make sure your running underwear is moisture-wicking.


Even if your underwear is great for running, it doesn’t matter if it is uncomfortable.

If you dread putting on your underwear every time you go for a run, then there are problems beyond chafing.

Make sure your underwear is comfortable, as well as suited to running.

Holds Its Place

When running, the last thing you want is for your underwear to start jiggling all over the place or riding up into the bum.

This is especially important for men, as you do not want to have your extra bits flapping all over the place in an unpleasant manner.

Therefore, your underwear needs to be able to hold its position.

Leak Protection

Running is strenuous, and sometimes we have accidents when we put our bodies under too much pressure. It happens to the best of us.

This means that we want underwear that will catch any little leaks that may happen, so we don’t look like fools in public, and we can quickly get to a bathroom in time.

How to Treat Chafing

Best Running Underwear For Men That Prevents Chafing

Let’s say you are one of those unlucky people who unfortunately saw this article too late and now have to deal with the consequences of chafing.

The only thing you can do now is to treat the chaff and ride it out.

There are a couple of things that you can use to treat the affected area and make it slightly less sore:

Wash It

If the skin has been broken, or you are bleeding from the chaff, then there is a chance it could get infected without treatment.

With this in mind, you should treat it like a wound, washing and dressing it.

This will be extremely unpleasant, and you should avoid rubbing it, instead patting it dry once it is clean.

Apply A Warm Compress

Chaffing is a form of inflammation, and it will be red and inflamed when it is most sore.

Applying a warm compress or a warm, moist towel to it until it is cold should help to reduce the swelling.

Apply Aloe Vera Cream Or Moisturizer

This will help soothe the inflamed skin.

It won’t cure the condition, but it will make the skin more pliable and less sensitive to the touch, meaning that it won’t hurt as much.

Apply Petroleum Jelly

Once the moisturizer has been completely absorbed into the skin, then apply a layer of petroleum jelly on top.

The jelly is slippery and not absorbed easily, meaning that there will be little friction on the skin for some time.

This will prevent further chafing for some time and give the chaff time to heal.

Chafing will not go away overnight, but by treating it immediately, you will considerably lessen the ache and pain you will experience from the chaff over time.

Not only that, but you should expect the last some time anyway, so once these solutions have been applied, you should take a few off from physical activities or strenuous exercise.

Who Needs Specific Running Underwear?

You do not need special athletic underwear if you are a beginner runner since a short 30-45 minute walk/run should not cause you to chafe. Buying expensive running undergarments is optional.

If you run long distances regularly, you should invest in proper running underwear (or a good pair of running shorts with a built-in liner).

Do You Have Running Shorts With Built-In Liners?

You don’t necessarily need to wear underwear if you have running shorts with a built-in liner. A built-in liner in running shorts is enough. Most running shorts are designed to be worn without a pair of undies.

If you don’t like the liner, you can use your own intimates under it. You can even cut away the liner with scissors if it is inconvenient.

If your running shorts are loose-fitting or ill-fitting, it is best to wear underwear. Otherwise, you won’t feel snug which will make you uncomfortable.

The Bottom Line

The best men’s underwear to wear while running is briefs or boxer briefs. These all offer support and comfort, while not being too hard on your skin’s outer layer.

Having good underwear to prevent chaffing is vitally important if you want to keep up a running routine that is consistent and that is perfect for you.

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