Why Do Running Shorts Have Built in Underwear? (Benefits of Liners)


A key feature of a good pair of running shorts is the ability to keep you cool. Staying cool is crucial for a successful run; thus, you will want a pair of running shorts accommodating to this fact.

The reason for running shorts having built-in underwear is actually quite simple!

Underwear is built into most pairs of running shorts because it helps the wearer to keep cool as they head out and exercise.

The fabric used to make the underwear into running shorts is designed to be light and breathable. It will quickly absorb sweat that builds up on your legs as you run. 

Why Does Fabric Matter With Running Shorts?

Keep You Cool

A pair of running shorts is perhaps one of the key elements of a good outfit when heading out for a run.

They not only help to keep you comfortable and nice and cool as you head out, but they can also help you to look good as you head out on your run! 

The design of the fabric, in turn, helps to make the shorts much cooler as the fabric allows air to easily flow through, helping to keep your legs cool, and to keep sweat from building up on them.

Prevents Chafing

The fabric also wicks away the sweat that builds up on the legs, which in turn helps to keep the legs from chafing as you run, allowing you to go much further!

As well as this, lined running shorts also help you to avoid that highly awkward situation when your running shorts inevitably begin to ride up your butt!

Only the lining of the shorts has the potential to ride, which helps to keep you from looking particularly silly while out for a run in public!

Do Running Shorts Need to Be Lined?

Why Running Shorts Have Built-In Underwear?

Running shorts do not need to be lined, but it is heavily beneficial to seek out running shorts that are lined with built-in underwear (most running shorts have liners).

The benefits that built-in underwear can offer are so multiple and so useful that it pays dividends to invest in a pair of shorts that has built-in underwear.

Do You Still Need to Wear Underwear When Wearing Lined Shorts?

No. Because of the fact that lined running shorts have underwear built-in, there is no need to wear any extra underwear underneath them.

However, there is no harm in wearing underwear with built-in running shorts if you so wish! 

Wearing lined running shorts without underwear will still prove comfortable, because all sweat that builds up on your body will be easily wicked away. The breathable fabric will help you to feel even cooler than ever before!

What Can You Use Instead of Built-In Liners?

If you don’t want to wear running shorts that have built-in underwear in them, then there are a few things you can do to make your running experience more comfortable.

Wear Underwear

The best thing that you can do for yourself in such a situation is to wear some of your own undies underneath the shorts.

This can help to prevent chafing between your legs, which saves you from a lot of discomfort, and ensures that you are able to run for much longer.

However, you should be aware of the fact that most underwear will absorb your sweat. It is useful to a degree, as it helps to further prevent chafing. But that sweat will collect on your underwear over time, which can eventually cause even the underwear to chafe. 

Suppose you’re going for a run wearing regular underwear under shorts. In that case, it’s probably best to avoid running the length of a marathon.

It is better to find chafe-free running underwear. It is especially vital for men.


Try Compression Shorts

Keep Your Legs Cool

You can also try purchasing compression shorts if you find the idea of built-in underwear in your shorts to be off-putting.

Compression shorts are designed to hug incredibly close to your legs, which helps to keep your legs cool, as the air can more easily reach your legs. 

As well as this, the tightness of compression shorts also helps to prevent chafing from occurring on your legs in uncomfortable spots.

Massage Aching Muscles

The tightness of compression shorts also allows them to press on the muscles in your legs, which helps to massage them as you go, which can, in turn, help to up your endurance and allow you to go much further! 

However, you should keep in mind that wearing underwear is not recommended when wearing compression shorts. The outline of the underwear will be incredibly apparent at a glance, and will also prevent the cooling effects of the shorts from working!

To Wrap Up

Most running shorts have built-in liners. Due to the lightweight construction of the lining, the shorts are more comfortable and cool.

The underwear that is built into running shorts is also able to easily absorb sweat that builds up when you run, which in turn helps to prevent chafing. 

These benefits help to make built-in liners a no-brainer for runners of all types. 

However, suppose you do not like running shorts with built-in underwear? Then you can always cut the liner off, all it takes is scissors. Or you can try to find linerless running shorts that don’t have built-in underwear (but they are rare).

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