Are Nike Air Max Good For Running? (Find the Right Ones for Running)

Are Nike Air Max Good For Running

One of the most iconic shoe brands of all time, Nike has been making shoes for athletes and non-athletes alike since 1964, and the Nike Air Max is one of the most popular pair of shoes that Nike makes.

They are designed to be comfortable and to support your feet every day, and there is a wide range of Nike Air Max available to suit different needs.

So are Nike Air Max good for running? Well, while some Nike Air Max shoes are good for running, others are not.

Below, we’ll take a look at the best and worst Nike Air Max sneakers for running, as well as some of the features that make a great running shoe. 

Is The Nike Air Max 90 A Good Running Shoe?

Nike mens Air Max 90, Off Noir Summit White Black, 12

If you want a great pair of Nike shoes for running, you can’t go wrong with the Air Max 90.

Let’s take a look at what takes this top-performing shoe to the next level when it comes to running. 

More Durable And Flexible

The Air Max 90 has a thick, durable outsole which makes them excellent for running.

The rubber sole prevents degradation, so you can rest assured you will be enjoying your shoes for a long time. These shoes definitely stand the test of time more than other running shoes! 

They also have a stronger upper edge than most running shoes that are scratch-proof, while the Air Max cushioning and outsole keep the shoes flexible and strong so you can better enjoy short-distance runs and smooth jogs.

Good Shock Absorption

Air Max 90s are brilliant at shock absorption, particularly for running on roads – that’s what they were designed for!

You can wear your Air Max 90s safe in the knowledge that your feet are going to be protected from injury.

Meanwhile, the thick midsole and outsole gives the shoe additional responsiveness and bounciness. 


While you will have to wear your Air Max 90s a couple of times to totally break them in, once you have broken them in they are very comfortable running shoes.

What makes these shoes so comfortable is the midsole that is customized for runners according to their needs.

While the Air Max 90 is a narrow shoe, this doesn’t make them any less comfortable. 

Offers Good Protection And Support

Air Max 90s provide great support for your feet.

Their lacing system lets you adjust the tightness of the shoes for your ideal comfort, while the additional cushioning in the shoe provides a snug fit and minimizes slipping while you run.

The padding also protects your feet, taking away strain on your joints and lowering the risk of running injuries. 

Great Traction

The waffle-textured outsole of the Air Max gives you great traction while you run so you no longer have to worry about slipping on the road.

Still, although they have tread patterns, these shoes are not meant for all terrains.

For example, wearing Air Max 90s for running on rugged terrains will cause them to wear out faster.

Is The Nike Air Max 720 Good For Running?

Nike Men's Air Max 270 ISPA shoe, University Red/University Gold, 10.5

Air Max 270 is a classic design from Nike that has gained popularity in recent times.

Although many customers love it for its attractive design, they are not great running shoes.

This is because they were designed to be more casual shoes, and not as shoes to be worn for athletic activities such as running. 

Buying Guide For Running Shoes

Are Nike Air Max Good For Running?


What material your shoes are made of will determine the amount of cushioning they have.

Cushioning is crucial for absorbing your body weight and protecting your leg joints from injury. You should consult the manufacturer’s guidelines of the ideal surfaces to run on.

For example, are these shoes suitable for running on pavement, tarmac, or uneven terrain. It’s also worth considering if you’ll mainly be training outside or in the gym. 

Breathability And Flexibility

A lot of running shoes are flexible in the forefoot and arch section.

You can test out how flexible your new pair of running shoes are by bending them as much as you can.

They should also be designed with a high-quality upper material to promote breathability. A lot of Air Max designs are made of breathable, lightweight materials. 


A high-quality running shoe should have a natural fit on your leg.

There are some footwear retailers that let customers try on different sizes so they can pick the best shoes for running.

When you’re trying on a new pair of shoes, make sure to wear a good pair of socks and try them as you would when walking or running.

Heel Drop

Heel drop is normally measured in millimeters, and is the difference between your heel and your toe.

The cushioning layer is what determines the heel drop. The ideal running shoes will have a larger heel drop so your feet can hit the ground.

Running shoes should have a heel drop of at least 10 mm. 

Pronation Control

Shoe manufacturers now use technology to design shoes with motion control that protect runners from sustaining knee injuries.

People’s feet are split up into three categories, these are overpronated, underpronated, and neutral, and running shoes are available in every pronation category.

Make sure you know your pronation before you buy a pair of running shoes.

Support And Shock Absorption

Running shoes are designed with special insoles to allow your feet to stay comfortable while you run.

Long distance runners need shoes that have good supportive materials in order to support the muscles in their legs.

Running shoes should be able to absorb a level of shock that is at least 2.5 times your normal body weight. 

Final Thoughts

If you were thinking of buying a pair of Nike Air Max sneakers for running, we hope we have given you a lot to consider when buying your next pair of running shoes. 

When it comes to Air Max shoes for running, Air Max 90 is the way to go! They are designed with runners in mind, and are extra comfortable and supportive.

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