What Do You Get For Finishing A Tough Mudder?

What Do I Get For Finishing A Tough Mudder?

We all know that the main reward for completing something like a Tough Mudder is the sense of accomplishment and self-esteem that it generates.

However, it is human nature to also want something that we can show other people to help prolong the feelings of accomplishment and self-esteem.

Thankfully, Tough Mudder offers just such a thing upon completion of their events.  

Tough Mudder Legionnaire Program

When you complete two adult Tough Mudder events, you’re a member of the Mudder Legion, a community of Mudders (starting in 2022, previously from your first event).

Mudder Legionnaires are acknowledged by a new headband every time they finish an event. The more events you do, the more headbands you collect.

You’ll earn a new headband by completing any adult distance Tough Mudder event (starting in 2022, previously, some shorter distances didn’t count). Prior completions will not be recalculated.

Note: This program is run on the honor system, so you do not need to present prior headbands at the event to prove your legionnaire status.

Finisher Headband

One of the things that Tough Mudder gives you when you complete one of their races is a branded Tough Mudder headband.

Tough Mudder Headband Colors

These headbands come in different colors depending on how many events you have completed previously.

Number of eventsColor
1bright orange
2light green, with the text 2X
3bright blue, with the text 3X
4-6yellow, with the text 4-6X
7-9bright pink, with the text 7-9X
10+black with orange trim, the text 10X+ in bright orange
Tough Mudder Headband Colors in 2021 and prior

First Tough Mudder: you will be presented with a headband that is bright orange.  The Tough Mudder logo is embroidered onto the headband. 

These headbands often feature the location of the Tough Mudder too. This headband is essentially the classic version of the Tough Mudder headbands.

The bright orange is the same color as the Tough Mudder branding.

Second: you will be presented with a light green headband. 

This is very similar to the orange headband in design, however, it features a “2X” in front of the embroidered Tough Mudder logo.  This headband does not feature the location where the Tough Mudder took place.  

Third: you will be presented with a bright blue headband. 

Again, this headband is almost identical in design to the previous two headbands, with the addition of “3X” in front of the Tough Mudder logo. 

Again, this headband will not feature the location of the Tough Mudder.

Four, five, or six events: you receive a yellow headband with “4-6X” in front of the logo instead of each race.

After you have finished three Tough Mudders the headbands change slightly.  The design of the headband remains the same with the embroidered logo and solid color. 

However, the numbers in front of the logo are in a different format. 

Seven, eight, or nine events: The next increment of completed Tough Mudder events is seven to nine courses formatted as “7-9X” in front of the logo. 

These headbands are bright pink in color. 

10 or more events: There is only one headband that you can get beyond this which is the headband for completing 10 Tough Mudder events. 

The coveted headband that you get for completing ten Tough Mudder events is black with bright orange trim that matches the first headband. 

The logo and “10X+” on this headband are embroidered in the same bright orange color. 

This color difference sets the top headband apart from the others.

Finisher T-Shirt

Finisher T-Shirt

Upon crossing the finish line, you will also be given a branded Tough Mudder T-shirt. 

These T-shirts do not follow the same pattern as the Tough Mudder headbands in terms of how many Tough Mudder events you have finished. 

Instead, the design of the T-shirt changes slightly year on year. 

This could be done simply by changing the size of the logo or the color scheme of the logo. 

The main difference between the T-shirts that you get upon completion of the Tough Mudder is the year that is printed on the shirt.  

For each year that you complete a Tough Mudder, you will receive a T-shirt that proudly displays the year of completion. 

This can lead to many different options for the display of your T-shirts at home. 

The T-shirts that feature the year of your Tough Mudder can be particularly important if you have done many events and have reached the number of races that are encompassed by the 4-6 or 7-9 Tough Mudder headbands. 

Having T-shirts with the years of your races on them can help prove to your friends, loved ones, and yourself that you have in fact completed as many Tough Mudders as you have. 

Finisher Drink

The final thing that you are offered upon completion of a Tough Mudder event is a finisher drink. 

This item is only available to athletes that are above the age of 21 and you must bring your ID with you to be eligible to receive this item.  

The drink that is offered varies year on year depending on the brand partnerships that have been established by Tough Mudder. 

In previous years, the finisher drink has included IPA, hard seltzers, apple cider, and even wine. 

Even if you are over the age of 21, the finisher drink is entirely optional, and if you would rather have water or a protein shake that is completely up to you. 

Tough Mudder places no pressure on the athletes that complete their courses to accept or participate in the finisher drink.  

What Do You Have To Do To Complete A Tough Mudder?

There are three levels of Tough Mudder that you can choose to complete. 

They are either 5K, 10K, or 15K in distance covered. 

Each course features 13, 20, and 30 obstacles respectively. 

In order to complete a Tough Mudder and receive your Tough Mudder swag at the end, you simply need to cross the finish line.  

Despite popular belief, you do not have to complete all of the obstacles on a course. 

There will be some obstacles that simply aren’t safe or sensible for you to force yourself to complete. 

These include tackling water obstacles when you can’t swim, or attempting confined space obstacles when you are severely claustrophobic. 

Of course, outside of these legitimate reasons for skipping obstacles, the point of a Tough Mudder is to challenge yourself physically, therefore it makes sense to at least attempt all of the obstacles that you are able to.

Even if you have to ask your teammates or other mudders for help, there is no shame.  Tough Mudder is a personal challenge, not a competition.

Endurance Series

The endurance series has a set of rules of its own.

Basically, when you finish in the Tough Mudder endurance series, you also get the finisher medal.

To be an “Official Finisher,” an athlete must complete a minimum official race mileage.

For Tough Mudder Infinity, you need min. 20K to be the Official Finisher and get the Infinity medal. If you achieve 60K, you earn an exclusive golden medallion.

For the Toughest Mudder competition, you need min. 20K, complete at least two laps, and remain on the event site until 7AM to be the Official Finisher and get the medal.

For the World’s Toughest Mudder Competition, Official Finishers get the medals. The three top finishers get the winner medals and cash prizes.

There will be a custom Unholy Grail medal for finishing the Unholy Grail series (four events in one weekend). These will be awarded post-event once the completion of each separate event is confirmed.

Final Thoughts

Upon completing a Tough Mudder event, you will be presented with two different commemorative items and the opportunity to indulge in a well-earned, alcoholic beverage. 

All of which will be greatly appreciated after the challenge of a Tough Mudder course.

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