Top 10 Most Scenic Marathons in the US for the Next Running Adventure

10 Most Scenic Marathons (In the USA)

Whether you’re a seasoned runner looking for a new challenge or a beginner looking to take in some breathtaking views, there’s a scenic marathon perfect for you.

From the rolling hills of California’s Napa Valley to the iconic neighborhoods of Boston, these 10 most scenic marathons offer you the chance to experience the beauty of the USA.

So get your running shoes ready and prepare to experience breathtaking views on your next marathon.

10 Marathons in the USA With Stunning Scenic Views

MarathonMonthTime Limit
Big Sur MarathonApril6 hours
7 Bridges MarathonNovember7 hours
St. George MarathonOctober6 hours, 15 minutes
Anchorage RunFestJuly7 hours
Boston MarathonApril6 hours
Kauai MarathonSeptember7 hours
Niagara Falls MarathonOctober7 hours
Walt Disney World MarathonJanuary7 hours
Space Coast MarathonNovember7 hours
Napa Valley MarathonMarch6 hours

Note: Each marathon has a maximum time limit. Some marathons may also have specific points along the course that you need to reach at certain times. You may have to leave the race, or the fuel stations may be closed if you do not get to these points within the specified time. Always check each marathon’s exact time limits and course cut-off times, as they might change.

1. Big Sur Marathon

Where: Big Sur, California
When: November
Time Limit: 7 hours

As the name suggests this marathon takes place in Big Sur California, and to register it will cost between $160 and $200.

As you can imagine, taking place in Big Sur, this marathon is beautiful with views of rocky cliffs, California’s beautiful redwoods, and the stunning pacific ocean making this one of the best looking marathons available.

Make sure to take into account how hilly this race is, and if you are not prepared for this, it will be a big challenge!

More information: Big Sur Marathon

The exact dates of these marathons can vary from year to year. Check the official websites for the most up-to-date information.

2. 7 Bridges Marathon

Where: Chattanooga, Tennessee
When: April
Time Limit: 6 hours

This marathon takes place in Chattanooga in Tennessee and the registration fee starts at $75. You will be running across the Tennessee river 6 times as you run this marathon taking in the beautiful sights of the 7 bridges next to each other in this state.

There are plenty of iconic Tennessee landmarks you will run by, so if you have never seen this state, this run is a great way to do so!

More information: 7 Bridges Marathon

Some of these events have other races, such as half marathons, 10Ks, and 5Ks, that take place on the same or different dates.

3. St. George Marathon

Where: St. George, Utah
When: October
Time Limit: 6 hours, 15 minutes

The St George Marathon takes place in St George, Utah.

This run has been rated by Runner’s World as being one of the 10 most scenic marathons, as well as the fastest marathons ever! This run is also well known for the huge elevation loss.

The start of this run is at an impressive 5240 feet elevation, but by the time you get to the finish line, you will have staggered down to 2680 feet instead. If you want to see these beautiful valleys in a fast run, this is the best way to!

More information: St. George Marathon

4. Anchorage RunFest (Humpy’s Marathon)

Where: Anchorage, Alaska
When: July
Time Limit: 7 hours

Anchorage Run Fest was previously known as Humpy’s Marathon. This run takes place in Anchorage, Alaska and to register it will cost you $80. The city of Anchorage is absolutely beautiful, and running through it in late summer when this run usually takes place is even more stunning.

The city is completely stuffed with natural beauty, all of which is highlighted throughout the course. So if you have never visited the state or city, this is a great excuse to do so!

More information: Anchorage RunFest

5. Boston Marathon

Where: Boston, Massachusetts
When: April
Time Limit: 6 hours

This is arguably the most famous marathon on this list and to enter you will need to qualify and even then the fee is between $200 and $250.

There are different marathons which you need to do to qualify, but getting onto the marathon is definitely worth it. The race goes through Boston as you can imagine and the route highlights the beautiful history of the city.

The atmosphere of this race is spectacular, and the spectators always have an amazing encouraging energy!

More information: Boston Marathon

6. Kauai Marathon

Where: Kauai, Hawaii
When: September
Time Limit: 7 hours

This marathon takes place in Kauai Hawaii and will need $220 for a registration fee. There is also a half marathon, so it is one of the more accessible options for less experienced runners.

The run itself starts in Poipu which is a beautiful resort which you will in the southern section of the island. You spend a lot of the run going with the coastline and doing this will get you some fantastic views of the mountains and beaches of the island.

More information: Kauai Marathon

10 Most Scenic Marathons (In the USA) (1)

7. Niagara Falls International Marathon

Where: Buffalo, US – Niagara Falls, Canada
When: October
Time Limit: 7 hours

This marathon takes place in Buffalo and will need between $85 and $120 depending on the time when you register.

This run is an incredibly unique one as even though it has an incredibly flat course, you will start in Buffalo which is in New York and will then go over the Peace Bridge which goes into Ontario only to then finish at the beautiful rock face of the Falls.

If you have never visited these iconic falls, this marathon is a perfect excuse to do so.

More information: Niagara Falls International Marathon

8. Walt Disney World Marathon

Where: Orlando, Florida
When: January
Time Limit: 7 hours

This run takes place in Orlando Florida and the registration fee is $190. This is perhaps the best suited marathon for those who love the Disney parks and want a way to incorporate this into their hobby.

As you can imagine, the course goes through 4 of the parks within Disney World, including; Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom. This is also perfect if you want to combine the marathon with a family vacation to the parks!

More information: Walt Disney World Marathon

9. Space Coast Marathon

Where: Cocoa Beach, Florida
When: November
Time Limit: 7 hours

This marathon takes place in Cocoa Beach in Florida and will cost between $105 and $125 in registration fees depending on when you are signing up. The beautiful Cocoa Beach in Florida is incredibly stunning in November when this marathon usually takes place.

The marathon has the gimmick of being space themed which explains its name, so if this theming is a particular interest of yours, then this should definitely be a marathon you should consider!

More information: Space Coast Marathon

10. Napa Valley Marathon

Where: Napa Valley, California
When: March
Time Limit: 6 hours

This run takes place in Calistoga in California and the registration fee will cost between $145 and $155 depending on when you decide to sign up.

If you have always wanted to travel to the beautiful vineyards of Napa Valley but you have never had a chance, then this marathon is the perfect excuse to.

The scenery is spectacular going through St. Helena, Yountville, Oakville, and Rutherford.

More information: Napa Valley Marathon


While some people opt for the optimal route for exercise, others prefer to go on a more scenic run to see some fantastic sights while running.

With so many amazing options for the most scenic marathons, hopefully, you have found one which is going to be a viable option for you!

These are spaced out all over the country, so hopefully, you can find one which you can travel to easily!

In our other article, you can find marathons with flat courses: the ten best beginner-friendly marathons.

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