8 Key Ways How Running Changes Your Body (Mostly For The Better)

How Running Changes Your Body Shape [A Runner’s Guide]

Whether you choose to run on a treadmill or out in the open, running can CHANGE a person, particularly in the way they look.

When doing any exercise, it can be expected for the body to change and this is the same when it comes to running too. To learn more about how your body will change from running, continue reading.

How Running Changes Your Body?

Does Running Change The Body Shape?

If you were to make running a regular activity, then you will eventually see a change in the way your body looks.

Many people strive to have this runner’s body as they will look fit and healthy and, overall, in good shape, however it takes a lot of energy and work to achieve.

So, what exactly does a runner’s body shape look like?

1. Toned Thighs

As a runner, you will notice that your thighs will be well-toned and this is because your legs and thighs are the main areas of use for a runner.

As you are always running, the fat will quickly come off and instead become toned.

2. Large, Defined Calves

As well as having toned thighs, a runner will also have larger calves, fuelled by muscle.

This is one of the obvious signs of a runner and something that most aspire to have. The only negative to this is that some pants may be uncomfortable to wear.

3. Smaller Chest

This body change is mainly for females and what some may feel insecure about (but they shouldn’t be!).

When running, one of the easiest places to lose weight is from the chest, and because of this, a female’s breasts will become significantly smaller over time.

4. Small Arms

When running, the majority of the concentration goes onto the lower part of the body but this means that the muscles that are not being worked will become slim.

Despite this seeming negative, there are ways in which a runner can bring weight and definition back to their arms such as through lifting weights or yoga.

5. Toned Stomach

Running also allows for a toned stomach as the activity works out the abdominal area.

That is why you will see many runners with flat stomachs and even six-packs.

6. Toned Butt

When running, runners are working out their gluteal muscles and this workout allows them to have a toned behind.

This is a physical attribute that many runners see as a perk and leaves them feeling confident and ready to run.

Change In Mentality

As well as physical changes, running can change a person’s mentality as well:

7. Better Sleep

After getting into a running routine, you will soon notice that your sleep will have drastically improved as well.

As you are exerting so much energy, you are more likely to be rewarded with a blissful sleep, getting you ready for the next day ahead. Running can be great for those with insomnia.

8. Confidence Boost

Many runners have been said to have had a boost in confidence since they started the activity.

This could be because of the goals they have, their newfound strength, or the positive change in their body. Ultimately, they are more confident.

Why You Should Take Up Running

When people think of running, they are quick to turn their nose up, especially if they are not used to doing any cardio. However, anyone is able to run – all it takes is some patience.

People want to run for a number of reasons such as to get fitter or to try something new and in the end, they come out a new and refreshed person.
So, why should you try running?

1. Good For Making Friends

Taking up running is a brilliant way to make friends. When outside, you will likely see other runners alike and from here it is easy to meet and make conversation naturally.

As well as this, you can also join a running group if you would prefer to run with people by your side. This will allow you to meet like-minded people who you can bond with over your mutual love for running.

2. It Is An Inexpensive Exercise

When it comes to exercising, many exercises require some kind of equipment, yet running does not. whilst you have the option to use a treadmill, this piece of equipment is not required to do the exercise you want to do.

People can run anywhere whether that be at the gym, across the neighborhood, or around their backyard. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and you are ready to go.

3. Acts As Stress Relief

People handle stress in different ways, but one way that many turn to is running. When you are running, you are welcoming in endorphins which act as a bodily stress reliever.

These chemicals release a feel-good hormone that boosts a person’s mood. It has also been said to help those who have depression or other mental illnesses.

4. Running for Weight Loss

Runners often run for weight loss or maintenance. Running burns calories and loses weight efficiently because it is one of the most vigorous exercises.

It may not be as easy as you thought – running doesn’t always burn fat as much as you thought.

There are supporters and skeptics of fasted cardio, running on an empty stomach. While some swear by it as an effective method for losing fat, others say it’s a waste of time.

Running does not grant you permission to eat whatever you want. Losing weight requires burning more calories than you consume.

5. Can Go Towards A Good Cause

You don’t have to run just for exercise! You can instead run for a good cause. There are many charities that have charity runs, raising money for their cause with fun runs or walk-a-thons, and getting everyone involved.

This is a great reason to start running and may even convince you to enjoy the activity.

The Bottom Line

While your body changes through running, it is important to remember that everybody works differently. Don’t only focus on the way your body will look but more on the fun that running brings.

Many are worried about knees suffering when starting running. But is running bad for your knees? Generally, no. There are ways to reduce the risk of knee injuries when running, but in general, you shouldn’t need to worry.

Running is one of the best cardio exercises for your body, but what is the runner’s face? Read more – it doesn’t refer to your sweaty, red face after running 😀

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